Outdoor, Garden, Balcony, Roof Top Wrought Iron Furniture !


Our handcrafted and artistically detailed Iron Tables will enhance your living room or garden. Wrought iron tables and consoles in different designs which includes modular, K/D style - ready to assemble, or Stackable to save on frieght - Ease of handling, Stocking and Despatching. The Wrought Iron Table and console bases are suitable for Glass, Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Mosaic, Wooden and Mesh type Tops.

We offer a wide range of exquisitely designed wrought iron tables that are sure to cater to all your needs. Our sales staff is available via phone or email to answer your questions. If you would like any decorative assistance, we offer free consulting for commercial and residential, interior and exterior work. You can also Customize your Wrought Iron Tables by choosing your table top and metal finish options. There is a large range of wrought iron tables on this page but if you do not see what you want just e-mail us with your photographs or drawings of Iron Tables. We enjoy working with our clients to create that unique design that suits you.

AIPL-036 (Table)
Model No. : AIPL-037 (Table)
Model No. : AITL-2105 (Table)
Model No. : AITL-2106 (Table)
Model No. : AITL-2107 (Table)
Model No. : AITL-2108 (Table)
Model No. : AITL-2109 (Tables)
Model No. : AITL-2110 (Table)
Model No. : AITL-2114 (Table)
Model No. : AITL-2103 (Table)
Model No. : AITL-2121 (Table)
Model No. : AITL-2122 (Table)

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Prices for wrought iron tables garden/ourdoor/roof top tables are Rs.7500 to Rs.25000/- ST and Freight Extra