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Addlife Decors's Iron Racks offer you a wide selection of options to dress up Home in a truly unique style. Aditron India is the market leader in the design and development of distinctive, high quality decorative Wrought Iron Racks. We offer a complete range of styles tailored to meet the needs of today's discriminating and value conscious clients. Many of our standard finishes - antique brass, antique copper, and antique gold- are hand applied, creating a delicate patina that reflects antiquity and old world charm. We also offer normal Powder Coating in many colors.

We have Iron Racks in approximately 100 designs. We have Racks for Baker, Books, Decorations, Bathroom, Kitchen Corner, Multimedia, Entertainment Center and the complete range in Folding design - Flat packed - also available Modular design.

We offer a wide range of elegantly designed wrought iron Racks that are sure to cater to all your needs. Our sales staff is available via phone or email to answer your questions. If you would like any decorative assistance, we offer free consulting for commercial and residential, interior and exterior work. You can also Customize your Wrought Iron Racks by choosing your metal finish options. There is a large range of Iron Racks on this page but if you do not see what you want just e-mail us with your photographs or drawings. We enjoy working with our clients to create that unique design that suits you. You are always welcome to our showroom at C R Park, New Delhi, as seeing is believing.

Rack : AIFR-2701F
Rack : AIFR-2701
Rack : AIFR-2703
Rack : AIFR-2704
Rack : AIFR-2705
Rack : AIFR-2706
Rack : AIFR-2720
Rack : AIFR-2725
Rack : AIPR-4101
Rack : AIPR-4103
Rack : AIPR-4104
Rack : AIPR-4105

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Prices for iron racks are Rs.12500 to Rs.17500/- ST and Freight Extra