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Addlife Decors's Wrought Iron Chair Collection presents a huge variety of options and styles for wrought iron chairs, from iron bistro chairs to full-size arm chairs. We have ladder back chairs, scroll-back chairs, cane chairs and iron chairs with rush or leather seats. Iron finish options range from natural iron finishes, antique, patina to more distinct finishes to blend. We offers a wide variety of beautiful classic and contemporary hand-crafted wrought iron designs. Our designs will stimulate your imagination and offer you individuality in your interior and exterior décor. At Aditron India Iron works, forging is not just a craft, it is an art.

All the material is manufactured in our factory in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. These items are comfortable, decorative and durable especially in patio, garden and outdoor environment. We offer this high quality handmade wrought iron chairs at affordable prices. Our extensive wrought iron chair collection is available for residential, restaurant, hotel and any commercial projects.

Our sales staff is available via phone or email to answer your questions. If you would like any decorative assistance, we offer free consulting for commercial and residential, interior and exterior work. You can also Customize your chairs by choosing your fabric options and metal finish options. There is a large range of chairs on this page but if you do not see what you want just e-mail us with your photographs or drawings. We enjoy working with our clients to create that unique design that suits you.

Wrought Iron Chairs for indoors and outdoors - garden, approximately 75 designs. Also Bar stools Customized Manufacturing. Finishing in normal colors to Antique - Patina finishing possible.

Model No. : AIPL-007 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-011 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-012 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-013 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-014 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-015 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-016 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-017 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-018 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-019 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-020 (Iron Chair)
Model No. : AIPL-021 (Iron Chair)

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Prices for balcony set of two chairs and one small table are Rs.9500 to Rs.14500/- ST and Freight Extra